Our activities

At WestCoastEvents you have a wide choice of activities. We have a real warzone for the daredevils among us. Where you can excel in Lasershooting and Archery Tag. To expand our range, we have a choice of Bumperball. We also offer half and full days with our activities, where you can add land yacht driving, surfing / skimboarding and sea rafting to your day. See you soon!

Laser shooting on our “warzone” site? A Laser War for young and old. With all kinds of different game types you have to try to beat the opponents as a team. Tactics and cooperation are very important here. With our high-tech laser guns you can hit each other in a targeted manner and from a long distance, making the game very realistic.

Archery Tag on our “warzone” site? Fight with bow and arrow and turn it into a real Archery Tag war! This sporty game full of action, tactics, cooperation and a lot of fun reminds you of the films of “The Hunger Games” and is very popular in Belgium and the Netherlands. First you will be introduced to the bow and arrow and we will teach you how to handle the material safely. Then the hunt is on: on the terrain you “hunt” your opponents and avoid obstacles. There are different game types so there is always change in the game.

Bumperball, hilarious for friends and colleagues. A fantastic activity for young and old. In our bumperballs you are protected from your opponents and other objects. We offer you many different games where you have to compete with the opponent. Bumperball football is of course THE activity with these bumperballs, fun guaranteed!

Sand yachting from 10 years, minimum 20 people

Are you a real speed demon and not afraid of some water and wind? Then you’re in the right place in a sand yacht! The wind in a tightly stretched sail and you in your seat. What more do you need for a challenging day at the beach?

Sea rafting from 10 years, minimum 20 people

An adventurous activity where you will get wet more than once. A top activity as teambuilding or field day for the more heroic among us.

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